The big book of Norway


During the past three years I“ve lived in southern Norway, Northern Norway and Western Norway. By actaully living somewhere for a period, I have learned so much more about the different areas than you would by just going there for a short vacation. I am still touring Norway moving soon again, but will now start sharing my story with you. Maby you can use it as a travel guide, learn something about Norway or just enjoy the pictures of some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Navigate through the different chapters in the top menu. Go through the pages with the arrows appearing when you hover with the mouse cursor over the pictures. If you hover over the center of the picture, a questionmark will appear. Click it to go to a google map showing the location of the picture.


  1. Oslo.
  2. Northern Norway - Tromsų and surroundings.
  3. Bergen
  4. Stavanger