The big book of Norway

Page 1 - "Quadraturen"

The old postal office is newly renovated now housing trendy shops and restaurants in the bottom floor, and designer flats in the rest of the building. The street, "Prinsens Gate", is a parallell street to the famous "Carl Johan". Here you can find (probably) the best sandwiches in Oslo. Clos by there is also a great Thai restaurant and a few nice pubs, "De´villes" being one of my favourites.

Page 2 - VW

Bettle meet in front of Oslo City Hall. Being a previous owner of two VW busses, I found this bettle and bus exhibition very interresting. Later in the evening they went in a caravan through town up to "Holmenkollen", meeting up with even more VW-enthusiasts.

Page 3 - Evening lights

Evening view from the walking bridge over the E18 highway. Oslo City to the left and the new Opera house under construction to the right.

Page 4 - Motorsport

During the speed boat grand prix in oslo, there was a few nice car exhibitions at "Rådhusplassen". The Koenigsegg monter got some attention.

Page 5 - SGP

The speed boat race got full media cover by several helicopters following the boats around the lap. From "Nakkholmen" island I managed to time this picture perfectly, but oh how I wish I had a DSLR camera here..

Page 6 - "Akershus"

Summer walk through "Akershus" fortress. Quite nice walk through history. If you take the ferry out to "hovedøya" island you´ll find the ruins of an old monistery. Aparently one of the kings back in the days plunderd and destroyed the monistery and used the stones from it to build this fortress.

Page 7 - Fjord cruise

From "rådhusbryggen" you can go for a cruise with one of theese beauties. It will probably include all the fresh shrimps you can eat and maby a glass of wine or two.

Page 8 - Royal garden

Late summer/early autumn walk through the royal garden. Outside the castle you can see the famous royal guards, and on of may you can go here and wave to the King of Norway and his family. There will however be more of a crowd then.

Page 9 - The fortress

Early autumn view from "Rådhusplassen" towards "Akershus" fortress. To the left there is a nice little park, one of many in Oslo, where people in the summertime gather in the evening with picnics, bbq and maby a beer or two, just enjoying life.

Page 10 - Nordmarka

From Oslo City center you can easily access nature. Just take the subway to the end station and you´re there. Bring you bike, or in winter time your skiis, or just walk by foot. There is almost endless of forest roads and trails in "Nordmarka".

Page 11 - The early bird

Looking out the office window I noticed there was another early bird keeping an eye over "Christiania torg". Here you can find a really great pizza place (keep in mind the norwegian prices though), some pubs, cafés and restaurants. The irish pub nearby usually have live music in the evenings.

Page 12 - Tryvann

Snow productino in "Tryvann" winter park. At the end station of the subway there is a quite nice skii resort. Living in the city center you can jump in you skii clothes grab your skiis and just go to the subway station and your almost there.

Page 13 - Trysil

If you think that "Tryvann" winter park is too small for a skii resort, one of Scandinavias biggest is not that far away. By car "Trysil" is only ~2 hours away, and there is also a skii buss that will take you from Oslo center all the way.

Page 14 - "Jibb contest"

They bring tons of snow down to the city center building a snow arena for the skiiers and snowboarders, creating a spectacular crowdpleasing winter contest in the heart of Oslo.

Page 15 - Indoor climbing at "Klatreverket"

A 20 min walk from city center or a quick ride with the railbus can take you to a huge indoor climbing facility, with ~300 different routes to choose from.

Page 16 - Leaving Oslo

End of chapter one. We are now leaving for chapter 2 - Northern Norway


Capital of Norway

In my opinion, the best Scandinavian capital.
Oslo has a nice lively pulse going. A lot of happenings, conserts, music festivals, people enjoying the parks in the summertime... Walking distance to alsmost everything. City life and still very close to nature.